Posted On: Aug 23, 2015

Devices! Everywhere! Millions, perhaps billions of them. UX & Digital designers' jobs are becoming increasingly more challenging due to the sheer number of potential end products that their applications will be used on.

At the start of the mobile revolution this just meant having a responsive site, and in many cases this is also treated as a sufficient means to counteract the ever increasing technical horde. But let me put something to you - ok, ok, you've made a nice site and its lovely and responsive but shouldn't we be thinking deeper, really trying to understand that word, "Mobile" and what it means for the apps and sites we are setting free into the wild?

Bear with me...

For example, a shopping app - I'm sat on my sofa and looking for a new pair of jeans, i'm in no rush, i'm relaxed, lucky for me the app is easy to navigate and it holds the entire stock of 142 pairs of jeans in a multitude of cuts and colours. I'm happy to use the responsive menus and my thumb is thankful for the large buttons. Nice!

Or, alternatively...

It's rush hour, i'm on the tube/train/bus i'm stressed but need to pass the time and I still want those jeans. I don't have time to filter through 142 pairs or choose their colour or cut, or size. Yeah I know, I could wait until I'm back on that sofa, comfy and with time to kill but why should I? I want to find the pair I like and save or even better, buy them now and I want the app to know that I'm not on my sofa, simplify the process and make it that easy. I'm busy after all.

This may all seem like a rather hopeful, the point of, why not just wait until you have the time to use the app properly may seem valid but the truth is, at this point in our technical evolution, if we have the data and the ability to offer up this type of tailoring to a UX process, then we should. We shouldn't have come up with exscuses to users to explain why their experience isn't fluid all the time, no matter the circumstances.

So let's push that little harder to look at our designs and wireframes from all angles both aesthetically and psychologically before we go about simply making it responsive. Then we can truly create something that offers a real solution to the user. Something that works every time all the time.

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